A fine line: Journalism, Storytelling and Advocacy

>>German writer and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer once famously said, “silence in the face of evil is evil itself.” When there is potential for storytelling or reporting to create a tangible impact, is there an obligation for the journalist or greater media ecosystem relay a call to action to the reader? What is the role of the journalist in getting the audience to emotionally connect to what they are reading, potentially at the expense of objectivity? Presented by The Knight Foundation”.


What metrics does the journalism should use for measuring advocacy? The votes, some events maybe. The question is very broad here.

How does the storytelling affect propaganda, as well as fear in people’s heads? The storytelling can become even the business model.

A fine line: Journalism, Storytelling and Advocacy

There are different opinions on how to make people act after reading a story. It may work and may not, for example the african genocide and the child labor in asia can definitely strike lot of people’s hearts, however the basic things as citizen behaviour and improving school programmes does not provide such resonance since the people themselves are participating in that.

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