IMG_0341I’m working in project management, business analysis areas and as a scrum master, depending on the project. I helped the teams deliver numerous projects, from promo-apps for brands and mobile clients for social networks to high load backend solutions.

This blog is about sharing my experience in building good products, improving project processes and requirements management, with a lot of attention to how those aspects work in distributed teams.

I also host IT Management Meetup (for Project Managers, Analysts, Product folks, Scrum-Masters and everyone related to the IT Dev Process), and Atlassian User Group in Ufa.

Currently my main area of activity is helping Agile Harbor to scale and improve development & release flows across distributed teams, and managing russian branch. I also do consulting, and have helped a couple of teams overcome issues of distributed nature, or visualize bottlenecks and set up transparent workflows.

I’m always looking forward to participating in exciting projects & consulting for the teams that want their processes to be improved. Pinging done via marat.kee(at)outlook(dot)com.

Social Network Presence:

I’ve presented or spoke at at:

  • SxSW ’15 (Storia social storytelling app showcase)
  • Atlassian Summit 2018 (on Distributed Teams anatomy and issues)
  • UfaDevConf, DUMP-Kazan, UfaForum and a couple of other events.

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