Windows 8 Slates. Moronic Pricing in Russia

Hi everyone, as always I’d like to rant on the following: greediness and insanity of Russian retailers. The latest issue of  Svyaznoy’s catalogue is a great example of utterly insane management and completely moronic pricing amongst almost any hardware company here.

I was pleased by 6 tablets announced to be sold by the retailer this month, all 6 from Sammy, Asus and Acer. I was happy to see my beloved low-cost Acer Iconia W510 ($499 in US) (previews (1) and (2))! But here it’s priced as some crazy-ass magnesium-made premium ultra-fucking-machine. And that’s for Clover Trail! No way!

 Asus Vivo Tab RT (WinRT)

Hi there, Vivo Tab RT =) Long time to see! Had a pretty good review both at the Verge and Engadget. Got a sweet price for the US as well ($499+). Russian Retail Price, anyone? $1130 And that’s for the RT tab! Are you out of your mind? Really? Ok, moving on.


Asus Vivo Tab (Win8, Clover Trail)

The price for the Atom Clover Trail based solution is what? $1330 Oh shi~, me can buy miself sum Macbook Pro for that price! Or even better – the latest awesome Acer S7!

Acer Iconia W510 / W511(3G) (Win8, Clover Trail)

For the record: that was the mid range solution that I wanted. I really wanted to give the tab a chance. I still want, even for 19.000 Roubles (which is roughly a $670 against $499 in US!). Ok, not THAT bad. By that can’t compete with the New iPad w/ Retina Screen and the same price for the base WiFi 16 Gigs model. Nah, no way. Diggin a grave for yourself, Acer! $900 is the price for the 3G model.

Acer Iconia W700 (Win8 Pro, Ivy Bridge)

That’s the tab that Paul Thurott loves! The price for core i5 is the same as for ASUS’ Clover Trail-based solution, Insane price tag. $1300 for Core i5, 4gb RAM, Intel HD 4000, 64 gigs of memory + MicroSD. 

Bluetooth Keyboard + Doc-Station (oh god it’s fugly) included.

Samsung Ativ Smart PC (Win8, Clover Trail)

No, no, no! What’s wrong with the pricing. Acer, at least includes doc station and keyboard. Sammy’s option: $900 for Clover Trail based tab. Reason? Doubtful Sales. Let’s look at the situation in 2 months or so.

Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro (Win8 Pro, Ivy Bridge)

At least $200 difference between Clover Trail based tablet and the Ivy Bridge one seems right. Ideal price would be ~$800-900, but I guess $1100 is not that bad for a core-i5 device. Competitively priced among it’s core-i5 rivals, but unreasonably priced against the competition.

That’s all folks, sorry for the typos and stuff like that – It’s already 2AM =) Have a nice whatever.

4 thoughts on “Windows 8 Slates. Moronic Pricing in Russia

  1. Acer Iconia W510 has 32gb version for $499, but here is 64gb version which costs 599 in US. So it’s not that bad with this particular tablet.

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