Trust Stories – Growing trust in distributed teams (RU)

Last week me and Alex Pikulev of Agilix recorded Trust Stories podcast episode, on Growing Team Trust in Distributed Teams. Courtesy of In Teams we Trust website

Main bullets are: 
– Growing trust in distrubited teams is hard, but nevertheless as important as in co-located team. 
– Team itself creates an atmosphere of trust in itself. Our task, as a scrum master, coach, manager – is to help and highlight needed areas.
– XP and especially Pair Programmingи helps in growing trust.
– Intrateam trust, from the informal side (skype beers, navigating as a guest to your colleagues in other locations, bike fixing via the webcam, ordering stuff on flea market in your city and sending it over to a colleague) helps a lot.
– More freedom for the team, for collaborative work and motivation. More trust! Work harder on understanding the context and value of features implemented.

More details (rus) / tg channel :

Ufa IT Management Meetup #4

This time it was all about requirements. And we hosted the event at our cozy SkuVault office:


  • Eliciting and preparing requirements from gathering data till development:
    • Oleg Gumerov (PO at SMENA – solutions provider for a big delivery service) shared his experience on how they do it in;
    • Nur Ibragimov (Head Analyst at modulbank) shared their way of processing requirements;
    • Us (me and Ksenia – also PM/ BA at SkuVault) shared how we do it in SkuVault, as well as how we used to work on requirements at back in the days.
  • Formalizing and Structuring the requirements, by our own Ksenia of SkuVault
  • Tracking changes in Requirements by Ksenia (lightning talk)
  • Tracking time and Estimations by me (lightning talk)
  • Documentation Lifecycle when developing a feature (by me)

And that was my first-time experience of stitching video and audio 🙂

Meetup is in Russian, links are: VK / Meetup / Telegram Channel